Do You Have Questions about Weight Loss Treatment?
By Haydel Chiropractic
September 25, 2019
Category: Weight Loss

The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey estimates that two out of three adult Americans are overweight or obese. It’s a staggering statistic that has inspired many patients to work on ways to get in shape and become healthier. How serious are you about losing weight? You may need assistance and support from a professional to achieve your goals. The team at Haydel Chiropractic in Houma, LA can help you get on the right track and see results in a matter of weeks or months.

What Is Weight Loss Treatment?
When many people decide they want to lose weight, they try dietary changes and exercise. But when those changes don’t yield immediate or consistent results, they lose hope and revert back to old habits. Weight loss treatment with the help of a doctor gives you someone who not only holds you accountable for your new lifestyle plan, but also provides you with products and a structured plan to lose weight in a set period of time. You’ll visit your doctor regularly for checkups, advice, and weigh-ins to monitor your progress.

Benefits of Weight Loss Treatment
The weight loss program offered at Haydel Chiropractic in Houma, LA is called the Ideal Protein Protocol. You’re educated about better ways to eat and advised on stable weight maintenance in four phases. The benefits include having the help, knowledge, and encouragement you need to successfully shed the unwanted pounds. You’ll benefit from one-on-one coaching from your doctor.

Shed the Pounds and Keep Them Off
Even after you lose weight, it’s still a challenge to keep the pounds off. With a weight loss treatment program, you may become more confident about making better dietary habits a regular part of your life. Also, if you get off track and gain weight again, your doctor can help you get back to good dietary and lifestyle habits.

More Weight Loss Treatment Answers
Visiting a doctor who understands the body, nutrition, and how to effectively and consistently lose weight will allow you to get all of the answers you need about weight loss treatment. Call (985) 872-1133 today to schedule your upcoming visit with Dr. Patrick Haydel at Haydel Chiropractic in Houma, LA.