How Your Chiropractor Can Help You With Weight Loss
By Haydel Chiropractic
January 25, 2016
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It's that time of year. It's time to stick to your New Year's resolution, and get ready to take on your stubborn weight problem. A 2014 Marist weight loss poll showed that losing weight was the top resolution for the start of 2015. Yet, the majority of dieters failed to keep true to their goals.

Dr. Patrick S. Haydel, of Haydel Chiropractic, encourages you to take another try at sensible weight loss with long-term results through the Ideal Protein Weight Loss program. Medically-based and aimed at immediate weight loss and patient education, the Ideal Protein Weight Loss program has helped people worldwide lose pounds and maintain ideal weight for the past 20 years.

How it Works

This Houma area weight loss treatment works well because it is not based on fast, fad diets or gimmicks. Rather, it takes a scientifically-proven approach to bringing people back to the lean bodies they once enjoyed.

The idea is simple:

  1. Consume fewer carbohydrates and deplete your body's carbohydrate stores.
  2. Burn fat.
  3. Support lean muscle.

By choosing the correct kinds of foods and consuming them in the right portions, your body learns to regulate its blood sugars and triglycerides (responsible for fat storage) and to use just the right amount of insulin to run your metabolism properly. With the body's own engine running correctly, cravings stop, and fat melts away. Yo-yo dieting ends!

There is four phases to this innovative weight loss program. As you advance through the phases and lose your weight, you will receive personalized one-on-one coaching to transition you from Ideal Protein Weight Loss products to making your own smart eating choices. You maintain your new ideal weight by eating the healthy foods you love.

How Haydel Chiropractic Helps

Haydel Chiropractic is part of the HealthPro Wellness Center. In addition to spinal decompression, companion care, massage therapy and of course, a wide range of chiropractic services, owner and founder, Dr. Patrick Haydel offers the Ideal Protein Weight Loss program in keeping with the whole body approach to complete chiropractic care.

Call (985) 872-1133 to arrange a personal consultation on the Ideal Protein Weight Loss program. Your body and total well-being can change for the better--permanently.