What Are Common Auto Injury Treatments?
By Haydel Chiropractic
February 19, 2016
Category: Auto Injury
Tags: Whiplash   Headaches   Back Pain  

A car wreck, no matter the severity, is a troubling and scary occurrence for anyone. Perhaps the most unsettling part, though, is how often injuries come from auto collisions. Thankfully, many common auto injuries have effective treatments which are performed by your Car AccidentHouma, LA chiropractor at Haydel Chiropractic.

While auto accidents cause countless conditions, some are more common than others. They include:

  • Whiplash: This condition is one of the most frequent auto injuries. Whiplash occurs after a sudden forward-and-back jerking motion to the neck, similar to a whip cracking. Whiplash is most common after a rear-end collision, but can occur from other causes, such as contact sports. This condition causes pain, decreased range of motion, swelling and stiffness in the neck, and is often accompanied by headaches.
  • Back/neck pain: An auto accident twists and jerks the body into unnatural positions, creating neck and back injuries to the muscles, tendons, spine or discs. This type of pain can range from mild to severe and may not show up until long after your accident.
  • Headaches or migraines: Headaches after a wreck could mean a myriad of things, including whiplash, damage to the spine or muscles and nerve damage. Your Houma chiropractor is your best tool for determining the root cause of your headaches and treating it to help relieve your pain.

It is important to remember that many auto injuries do not show up right away. You should undergo a full body examination by your chiropractor as soon as you can after your accident. This allows your doctor to find and treat misalignments or trouble areas before they become more advanced and cause too much pain.

If you are already experiencing pain, try keeping a log of your pain. Note when it occurs, what makes it better or worse and rate it on a scale of 1-10. This aids your doctor in diagnosing your condition and creating the proper treatment plan.

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