Massage Therapy For Injuries: FAQs

Massage Therapy For Injuries: FAQs

How massage therapy from your chiropractor in Houma, LA, can help you recover from an injury

If you experience an injury, it can have a dramatic effect on your body. Your mobility, flexibility, and range-of-motion may all be affected. The pain from injuries can be mild to severe. There is a form of therapy that can help you heal faster. It’s massage therapy, and it’s available from your chiropractor.

Dr. Patrick Haydel of Haydel Chiropractic in Houma, LA, provides a wide range of chiropractic and wellness services, including massage therapy, to help you recover from an injury.

These are just a few frequently asked questions about massage therapy and how it can help you recover from an injury:

How Can Massage Therapy Help Me?

Massage therapy helps your body heal in a variety of ways. Massage therapy can help:

  • Relieve stress from acute or chronic pain
  • Decrease swelling, fluid buildup, and pressure
  • Relieve muscle, joint, tendon, and ligament pain
  • Improve circulation by boosting blood flow to injured areas
  • Improve recovery time and healing

What Types of Massage Therapy Techniques Will Be Used?

A variety of techniques may be used to help you heal and recover from an injury. Your chiropractor may use fixed pressure, moving pressure, compression, and vibration techniques. Tables, rollers, and other equipment may be used to aid in the massage.

What Types of Injuries Can Be Treated With Massage?

Injuries involving muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints can be treated effectively with massage. These include:

  • Whiplash and other auto accident injuries
  • Rotator cuff and shoulder injuries
  • Sports injuries including shin splints, tennis elbow, and others
  • Overall body pain from injuries
  • Sprained or strained muscles, or ligaments
  • Arthritis and other degenerative joint problems
  • Carpal tunnel and other nerve issues

What Other Therapies Can a Chiropractor Use To Treat Injuries?

Your chiropractor may recommend additional injury treatments like these:

  • Manual adjustment and manipulation
  • Thermal therapies, including heat and ice application
  • Stretching and physical therapy
  • Nerve stimulation (TENS)

Massage therapy can aid in healing and recovery from an injury. To find out more about how massage therapy can help you recover from an injury, call Dr. Patrick Haydel of Haydel Chiropractic in Houma, LA, at (985) 872-5777. Call now.

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